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  • #1

    Need HELP

    When I start a LIVE GAME of Chess my pieces are on the top instead of been at the bottom??

    Appreciate any help on how this can be corrected


  • #2

    Isn't there an option to flip the board?

  • #3

    Not in LIVE GAMES

  • #4

    I could have sworn there is.

  • #5

    NO; In turned around board games there is but not in LIVE GAMES

  • #6

    Maybe it's only there if you're watching a game?

  • #7

    Go into 'Live' chess, click on settings:

    Check this has not been selected by mistake:

  • #8

    Turn the pc monitor upside down!!! 

  • #9

    That's a good one! :0)

  • #10
    LC -- I like that one ?? Now however my PC program's are not the right way up .thanks GH for the that.

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