No sound in Live Chess


No sounds here either. I did have them few days ago but now nothing.


Some members in this thread have said that typing "/sound" in the Live chat helped.
You may have to do it twice if the first time turns the sound setting off.


Hi guys,

it happened to me as well and the reason was that sound had somehow been disabled in my settings (not sure how as I didn't make any change myself). So make sure to check your settings.


manekapa's  /sound-idea worked for me. Thanks!


The reason you lost sound, is because you have 2 or more open browser windows open. 

Their website doesnt understand how to play sound when you have 2 pages of open. 

Solution: close all other open pages of and you will get your sound back happy.png 


No, that's not always the reason. I have had only one tab open had sound for my non-tnmt games, but then lost sound as soon as a tnmt or live match began.


I will try the /sound trick next time this happens, but playing blitz and being forced to type during the game is extremely onerous.


It would be better if the site simply fixed this ubiquitous glitch.