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Daily Puzzle Submissions! *Be Involved*

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    Would have like to see it to the end.

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    This puzzle is not solved

  • #1304

    Here's one from one of my games.  I was on the losing end Frown.  Mate in 7.

  • #1305

    1.Qxd6 Nc6,is right move.puzzle show blunder mistake by black

  • #1306

    Yes, I was black.  I totally missed Nc6 in the actual game (and the analysis afterward).  Must have been a brain lapse or something.

  • #1307

    Not too hard, but interesting.

  • #1308

    nice puzzle!

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    nice puzzle!

  • #1313

    Very interesting!

  • #1314

    Amazing what Knights can do! That's why I take them off the board.

  • #1315
    oginschile wrote:

    True, Nxa2 isn't forced, but 2. Kxa2 is mated by 2... Ra7#. Since the puzzler doesn't 'make' white's move... you simply have to respond to the move made.

    The smothered mate isn't forced, but it is a forced mate in 2.

     thats right it's a force mate nothing u can do about it

  • #1316

    Looks like a forced mate to me. Smothering him is a good way to do it. Nothing he can do about it. But, White made the wrong moves.

  • #1317

    Guys I think giving a name to your puzzles would be useful- otherwise people don't know what to look for: a combination, a mate in 1, 2, 10, etc. Just a request

  • #1318

    Good idea efhaddad88Smile

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  • #1320

    why move RC8?


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