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Snappy Bronstein finish

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    This was how "Devik" wrapped up a 5-minute game:

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    Okay, I got it first time, sat comfortably and under no pressure. Different proposition in a blitz game, though.

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    I think Zita - Bronstein is one of my favorite games by that master.

    His French Winawer opening novelty against Boleslavsky is another good one.

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    And he was actually married to Boleslavsky's daughter!

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    AndyClifton wrote:


    1. Rxd6 Rc8 (as tit for tat? instead of Bxd6)

    [no point in Q-exchange is it: 2. Rxd7, then ...Rxc1+]


    ohhh anyways, Black does not look too hott at all in this position, Tongue Out

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    Blueemu, I think that nowadays black plays e3! not qh6.  IMO it is a little better.

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    stupid GMs!


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