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About the chess-groups, a question?

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    Are there any chess-groups more or less meant for the more elderly people? Does someone know?

    Thank you, Truus

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    I think you can join every group. But I`ve found a group that could be what you are looking for - TOP CHESS. I am not a member and I know nothing about the group.

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    Thank you kindly for investing some of your time in order to guide me regarding my posted query. And - for your information - with 'elderly chess players' I in fact mean players 65 years or older, but you of course understood that already. I will take a look at the 'Top Chess'-group, again, thank you very much for helping me.


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    Truus_G wrote:

    Are there any chess-groups more or less meant for the more elderly people? Does someone know?

    Thank you, Truus

    This one looks lively   http://www.chess.com/groups/view/grandmas-and-grandpas

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    Thank you for the information young man (I presume you are young, since most of the chess-players here seem to be quite young). I will check it out.

    You might wonder why I search for a group for elderly-players. Playing and chatting with people of my own generation (I myself am 74 years old at present, but I feel much younger) I experience as somewhat more comfortable: our generation - as you no doubt know - plays chess in a more patient way and we - generally speaking - much appreciate 'the higher degree of style followed both in life as in any other activities'. Younger people nowadays, well, how to say this, in my opinion generally lack the higher style of conduct I mean (of course you are an exception, since I am speaking in general hereSmile). But what does my above opinion mean exactly in more detail? I mention two great examples of people of my generation: Viktor Korchnoi and Prof. Max Euwe, both real very stylish gentlemen! Their conduct characterizes the higher style of both social dayly life as other activities. I will never forget Viktor Korchnoi: just prior his match in 1974 against some Russian (Kapa? was that the name? I cannot remember quite well) he defected in Amsterdam from the Soviet-Union and all Dutch liked him, I also did: what a real gentleman that was and is! A great example. Being in Amsterdam he gave some simultan seances and me and my husband (he died 17 years ago) went watching. I saw Korchnoi in action, so full of power and energy and he won all games. But what realy striked me was seeing him slamming with his pieces on the board while playing (Grandmasters all seems to do I heard) but, but, strikingly, when Korchnoi had to move his Queen-piece he allways did that so softly and gently, as a real gentleman. I will never forget that.

    I have to go now since my youner sister Bep is coming home from a some visit (or whatever), so late???, she was allways the wild-thing in our family, and we allways have quarrels giving me headaches.

    Again, thank you for your kind assistance and at some later date I will let you know whether I like that group.

    Kind regards,


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    cannot beleeve what my eays seein my sister Truus written has?common, this is all her favorite movee 'arsenic and old lace'Gary Grant in it she has allways secret hideen agenda for me, now her is going chess play? and the nice 78 old gentleman Gerard van Stockum living accrorss the road teaching her chess? i do not like gossip but you can full in that picture yorselve! i know me sister ver well and actulie she would have liked to ask'are ther any chess groops for elderly gentlemen 65 years or older single and living in Holland' yes i know my sister. she allwais telling the old generations more style an dignitie? why than the world wars in 19 centurie. i fear she got mixed up just as the mental il patients of her past as a nurse now she writing lies to strangers on cumputer abput me?, do not believe her sayings, she will again be angrie seeing this me writing then she says 'should i unleash Saskia now, well what do do think' that she says with arrogancie and saskia her grand ara parrot that does allways watch me with mean litle eyes trying to bite me to the bone, last that ara gave a harsh blow with the wing to my cat hector being dizzy for hole day? shows how she is can write books about her but i do not like any gossip


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    Do you now see what I meant earlier? I was away for only a short time and my sister Bep goes poking around in my private affairs creating her own 'reality' in her unbalanced mind! Well, the nice Mr. van Stockum is indeed teaching me some chess and yes, I was a head-nurse in a London clinic for severe mentally disurbed patients, for many years, and I faced very difficult patients there, easily matching the character Anthony Perkins played in the movie Psycho. We knew very well how to handle them with either expensive medical treatments (soothing drugs, quite comfortable treatments) for those patients who had a good Health Insurancy only and some less expensive treatments for those not covered by good health insurancies. Often we used the 'electroconvulsive terapy' (also called Electroshock terapy) for them, worked most of the times, I searched some photos to give you a kind of matching impression:

    All according to the estblished policy of the clinic.

    At first sight these treatments might strike you as being a bit out-dated and harsh but that would be a misconception on your part: these treatment in no way are more harsh than patients in the US being denied medical care at all (recent pas) because of the absense of a valid health insurance policy. It was allways common practice in the US to first ask for the proof of existence of a valid health insurance prior to actualy provide medical care to the severly injured speeding to first aid depts. of clinics. Well in the past I made the mistake to tell my sister Bep some stories about my active former career of those years in Londondays, and now she calls me 'nurse Wilkes' when she wants to irritate me, you know, from that movie Misery (Kathy Bates acting), this:


    How most insulting for me such a 'calling-names is. Often the conduct of Bep is very much similar to that of mental ill patients (and I can tell), regretably. So please do ignore any of her future comments (if any).


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    Oh my goodness! I just played a standard game (15-10) so stressy but funny. I lost is - well I do not mind, was enjoyable - but the circumstances for me were not optimal: the phone went over many times (Bep did not answer it purposely), a passing boat rocked our houseboat somewhat and in the background Bep and Saskia (my lovely Ara) calling each other names all the time (which words I better not mention here, such would be below my dignity). Saskia allways wins their quarrels because she learns 'some words', if you know what I mean' from the youngsters passing by our houseboat when heading for school during the week (and Saskia allways was a fast learner).

    About my last game the dear mr van Stockum told me that I played it too defensively not passing the 4th row. Well, easy taking but if I put my pieces forward (thus stretching my neck out) they get shopped away, that is what I think.No, I am more the 'home-sweet-home-type' waiting for my opponent making some fatal mistake. I said to mr. van Stockum (who is a very good player) "is there still a grandmaster in me? " funny meant of course, and he replied as a real gentleman (our genertion generated such kind gentlemen, nowadays such people are hard to find, if you ask me), the he answers: 'you will allways be my dear Grandmistress, no matter what the next day ill bring'. Is not that sweet? But I would trade all for one evening dinner with Viktor Korchnoi, such a gentlemen, the ways he handles his Queens on the chess-board, so gentle, such a man of high qualities!


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    I saw this open, is this about chess? And my grandmother having a crush on that korthjnoi fellowLaughing fun, those both watching arsenic and ond lace again (maybe they wondering how to bury 'something' beneath their houseboat. this boat allways smells like the insides of some just opened 6000 years old pyramid, I myself more like the fruits of life so to speak, like this:

    "2 Unlimited - The Real Thing"


    and: Rank1 - "Such Is Life [Live at Sensation] (Official Video HQ)"


    ...but the cookies they make are ok, realy

    I am off now, CHEERS, Henk

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    Ohhh I now see my grandson Henk visiting each Sunday made a comment?? Silly boy with his loud music. My goodness, I seem to loose my standard games, makes me a year older each game I play, so stressfull. But why do I loose? Mr. van Stckum says I should have 'the eye of the tiger' when playing chess, what might that be, ohh my goodness. I wear strong glasses, I am almost blind when not wearing my glasses, so what is that with me first getting 'eyes of the tiger' to play chess? My goodness. He also says one should be 'real mean/harsh minded' when playing chess, killer-instinct he says, my goodnessFrown He says I have in fact a much 'too nice a character' to play chess and that I better join some 'flower-arranging-club' in our neighborhoodSmile Well, o doubt he is right right, but I am not an easy quitter, I sill am a fighter with my 74n years of ageand I will not chicken-out, so I will give it nother try.


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    'Eye of the Tiger' possessed for sure by Viktor Korchnoi you mentioned: legendary person, also know in Africa,countless tournament he won and titles he won, one of my very favourite icons.

    But for us just common humans, my advice, we better just stick to some enjoyment and entertainment when playing some chess, so just enjoy and do not get stressed up when loosing some games Madam, just my view, just play for fun and play 'on feeling'.

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    And you might you be if I may ask? You are from Uganda? Idi Amin was there dictator in the past and accoring the papers he has eaten human flesh, all in the papers here, can tell you that information gave us the very cold chills here in HollandFrown and in the whole of Western-Europe:

    No that is an actor, this is the real Amin, yes?

    I guess when I would make the mistake giving you a handshake before a chess-game you would just 'bite if off"?Smile Sorry, I should not make such bad joke, no offence meant (..though, I might consider booking some wilderness-trip for tha annoying sister of mine Bep in Uganda....Laughing). Thank you for your kind advise.


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    Ha, no, no, Madam, for your information a lot has been changed in Uganda after the Amin era there has been economic progress also: in the cities we also have all comforts just as you in the West such as internet, ipads, I phones ect. And about Amin: we know the stories that were and still are told, some persons even claim to have witnessed it all, while others are telling those stories are total nonsense. I myself also belong to the Kakwa tribe just as Idi Amin did and I never witnessed any strange things appening. The people living in the jungle I now of are real friendly and the name Wawindaji actually is a nickname they gave me years ago (Swahili). We ven have a McDonald's here in Koboko. And about Kotchnoi: did you realy get acquainted with him? 

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    You have a McDonalds there!? And, if I might ask, what kind of meat do they put in their Big Mac's? Animal flesh or 'something else'...tailor made, so to speak?Just teasing you a bit, young man, of course I know that people in your cities wear ties lso and not some handmade neck chains consisting of amputated ears or shrunken heads etc. I may be old, but not a fool (...not yet, that isSmile). But, we are talking about the cities here, what happens in the jungle (no authorities there!), that remains unknown.....

    As to your question about Viktor Korchnoi: we are not acquainted yet, I only met him in the past when he was conducting some chess simultan seances where he knocked me off my feet with his charming appearance, gentleness, such a man of high qualities! That was some 38 years ago in Amsterdam. Since then I kept writing him sweet-smelling perfumed letters, but he sofar seems not to have replied to any, what leaves me with two possibities only: either my sister Bep was (and still is!) intercepting and hiding any letters from Viktor, or, Viktor is allergic for my perfumes (...or maybe he does not like the many colourful flowers I allways wear in my hats?) My goodness, to think of that all


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    I fully agree with Wawindaji: Kortchnoi is a living legend, mastered the chess on a world-champions-level just as Paul Keres did earlier I think both players facing their WC matches in fact had to face 2 obstacles(!): their opponents and the Soviet regime restricting them possibly in their achievements? Paul Keres never talked about it, as Korchnoi did. Both were no doubt 'would be champions' not allowed to do so in their times.

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    But I noticed the op being interested in Korchnoi in a fully different manner?! Maybe then this for the op:

    "SCADshorts: Love Hurts" 


    So, better take good care in your efforts?Smile

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    Well, young man, my letters to dear Viktor allways include sending him some photos, me wearing my beautiful hats, such as these:

    Quite lovely and charming, don't you think also? Don't you think Viktor will realy be touched by seeing me wearing such stylish hats?

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    No, does not seem the right approach to me and I do not like such silly hats at all (if some woman would ever approach me wearing such a hat then I would start running away in the blinck of an eye, for sureLaughing). What is it with you Dutch: you have by far the most flowers (Aalsmeer) and you ship them all over the world! So better put those flowers in a vase i.s.o. wearing them on your heads. Just my opinion, but I am not an expert on these matter (and want to keep it that way...)

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    That is a rude thing to say about the hats. I make the effort to show you some examples of the hats I adore and then you go ridiculizing it all? You simply lack style and good tasteFrown. Young man: if you ever might visit Amsterdam then feel free to also visit 'De Weteringschans' and I will see to it that you will enjoy a full electro-shock therapy treatment, all for free. That for sure would provide you with the indescribable radiant experience of being 'metally fully reborn' (though I can't promise you whether it will benefit your future achievements playing chess). I am a retired head-nurse, but for you I gladly would make an exception providing the above therapy since I am a real expertSmile


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    Thank you for your generous offer, but no thanks (...I would only risk ending up wearing silly hats I fearSmile)

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