Emotional Support: Guidance, Resources, and Handling Urgent Situations

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Although the main focus of is Chess, there is also a thriving community and social scene.  Sometimes, a friend may be going through a rough time or even struggling with suicidality.  If you are trying to offer support to a friend, here are some links and information that may be beneficial:


Quick Tips-


Reaching Out - Tips from


Keep in mind that is not designed as an emotional support site, so it doesn't have safety mechanisims in place like the  7 Cups of Tea site.  7 Cups of Tea offers free 24/7 help worldwide, there are trained Listeners and tools to promote safe communications.


Urgent and Crisis Situations


When someone is talking about harming themselves, they need to be connected to a Crisis Center (


Actively Suicidal Member


When someone is in imminent danger (actively suicidal), it is critical for them to be in contact with emergency services (  




Great Post. A big well done for all that you do :)


@mikekelcey Thank you.  Thought this may be of use to the community.

Also, I found this excellent Social Media Toolkit for Digital Community Managers:  

Support for Suicidal Individuals on Social & Digital Media



Good thread.But why did you ?

Just curious !

Witkrag wrote:

Good thread.But why did you ?

Just curious !

There are a lot of youth that access this site, so I was uncomfortable to see banter in public forums that contained sexual humor between you and other members.  It was a tough decision, because I really enjoyed playing chess with you and you were always polite.  I can explain further in dm's if you'd like.


Yep,  the ol 'everybody seeing what you've posted' dilemma.  


Some of things he’s said really creepy.

and he used to obsess over role playing with a user that was only 10 or 11 years old.


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Since doesn't have a feature like "bookmark" for threads, here is my post to follow and hopefully these resources don't need to be used; but, I've got them to to help others out if the situation arises happy.png