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Et tu CrystalMoon?

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    Only one mod ever spoke to me , I forget her name, it was something like Melanoma, she had an orange as an avatar. Oh, wait....ConcreteJeans also spoke to me way back in the day, she tried psycology to change my attitude. It came in the form of sending me pictures of cute squirrels. 

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    That sounds more like trysts.

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    Once an undercover mod befriended me. Never knew undercover mods existed before then, shows you how devious, dark and calculating a chess site can become. Anyway we ended up as pen friends and use to send each other postcards. Actually pieces of card with pictures on them. I would send him post cards saying ‘ wish you were here’ and he would send me blank post cards. Who sends blank post cards?

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    The postal agency?

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    Oh look who showed up 🙆💆

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    Floating-Duck wrote:

    Why don’t I ever get warnings regardless of how rude I am?  It’s like the mods just don’t care. It really sends a clear message from their side and it says ‘ stuff the duck’ 

    I find it very harsh. 

    I know the site owner loves me but does that mean the mods can treat me this way?


    They are scared of the Duck led Revolution. happy.png

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    Though to be fair they have banned you a few times...

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    badenwurtca wrote:

    Btw I have noticed that a serious problem at this site is the fact that the rudest of the trolls merely start a new account and get back into the site after their old account has been banned. This will of course allow these characters to carry on as before. I don't pretend to know very much about computers but in this high-tech world is there not any way in which this type of activity can be tracked ???  

    This subject occasionally gets extensive discussion in the Cheating Forum.  The short answer is that there are some things that can be done (such as IP bans) but someone with some technical ability can circumvent that.

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