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    Cool pix, documenting some particularly painful moments, truly. Because the post is tongue-in-cheek, I'm sure, I won't wax too philosophical.

    But for those who might take it too seriously, we are best judged not by our failures but by our response to those failures.

    Numerous examples exist. One notable one is Thomas Alva Edison, who, when asked about his dismal progress in trying to identify a suitable material for a successful electric light bulb, was reported to have said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

    Nevertheless, I love the pix, E!

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    Correction, Edison did not create the light bulb, not even the carbon filliment, that belongs to Sir Joseph Swan, it was a full six months before Edison too.

    The epic fail that never happened to me:
    Bowling a zero, with bumpers.

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    A careful reading of my post will reveal that there is no claim in it regarding credit for invention of the light bulb, simply mention of Edison's efforts.Cool

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    I'm level pegging with AWARDCHESS I'm far from being a failure !

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    wow i laughed my ass off diet water

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    IMO, running from the police is EPIC FAIL.


    I mean, what percentage actually gets away?  1?  Less? 



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    Skwerly wrote:

    IMO, running from the police is EPIC FAIL.


    I mean, what percentage actually gets away?  1?  Less? 



    I've never been caught on foot...only times I've been arrested is at my p.o.'s office or if they show up at some ungodly hour while I'm sleeping...PIGS = slow

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    Allied forces frequently drop leaflets in Afgahnistan to inform locals that they are here to help ,click link for a truly EPIC FAIL



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    Two Party System

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    LMFAO! but luckygunn22... there's 3 planes there!

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