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Poker Players

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    Any poker players out there???

    As you can tell by my name I love Holdem Poker and play heaps online specifically short handed limit (5 or 6 players to a table). I've tried no limit but prefer limit, I like the grind factor. Many chess players play poker like myself, it seems in a lot of instances the skills required to be good at chess are applicable to poker. Could we have a discussion on this?

    I'm looking at setting up a group for poker players, I've done a search and I can't find an existing group that covers this. Anyone interested in being a part of this group or know of a group that already exists, maybe I missed it when I did the search.


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    Let me be the first to welcome you to CHESS.COM

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    I am also a poker player.  If you've already set up this group, please send an invite my way.  I currently play small stakes NLHE online, but mainly NLHE MTTs.  Are you still playing? 


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