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The Fools Offer

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    The son of Michael part one

    I have an idea about a book that i want to work out.

    (petty i aint got 2 ideas for a book and a 6year-bachelor degree or i could join the society of the learned and wellread ,right essien warior Laughing

    Since i love chess.com very much i gife them the honnors

    (please Patzer give me a free lifetime Queen membership


    It's about a boy who was born in the most difficult situation

     a belgium boy could start life.

    He had big ears,and was the city's shame before he even could talk .

    But Dear god decided to gife the poor boy a compensation

    for his difficult start = A steal memory and a one of a kind

    Emotional inteligence.He could feel you when you didn't

    know what you felt and god therefor decided to give him the most difficult start someone could get because God had to be sure the boy expierienced every feeling a man could have so the rare gift was developed extremely precise and  no feeling was unknown for the boy.

    To be continued

  • #2

    And you can imagine that god couldn't give the talent of feel to a child

    what would only expirience joy and happiness and love and succes.

    The boy had to feel all and expierence it so he could analyze and know and

    judge and ... forfill his mission.

    The boy didn't know anything and had a hard life with pain fear sadness

    frustration and anger but strangly enough he always found his smile .

    The whole community around him spitted him out and couldn't understand

    the ways of the boy .they could only see the boy was reasonable smart

    (he was very smart but because he was God's feeler the public thought

    he was crazy for they never could feel his feelings and after giving him

    all kinds of warnings they decided to give up and decided the boy was

    a lost cause.The boy couldn't understand why people couldn't understand him because heself didn't know how good he could feel really (he knew he was very sensitive and reasonable smart but didn't see the his mission

    because god couldn't let him know untill The Archangel began his mission.

    Well,the boy had given it almost up and had felt more than a army of

    missionars and a common man couldn't understand why the boy hadn't

    commit suicide or was murdered for that was gods securityprogram for his'' Michael's son'' 

    to be continued

  • #3

    The boy as a matter of fact had more than once thought of suicide and had

    A mentall illness which had no cure but was more a disease that could let

    you follow you feelings instead of thoughts.

    On some moments all seem to go well and people would hope again ...

    But god's task couldn't start on a happy joyfull life and let the boy wherever he went teach and sharpen his feelings because he only could remember things he felt very sharply and his gift was a waiste every second he couldn't feel and the boy was confused and....

    Wait a lot because the story just begon :) :( .

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    "MonteChristosPawn wrote: (petty i aint got 2 ideas for a book and a 6year-bachelor degree or i could join the society of the learned and wellread ,right essien warior Laughing

    You need to learn how to type before you write a book or quit slugging the Red Wine.


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