How did you guys learn chess

How did you guys learn chess

Same way you learned to post in a 1 hr old account.meh.png  


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From my dad.




I learned to play in Jr. high school from classmate, when we couldn’t go out for recess because of bad weather.


It was a really weird thing.  I learned from my Aunt's husband's brother in law. He wasn't close to the family, and I don't remember seeing him more than three times from age 10 through 19.  He just happened to be staying at my aunt's the same time I was, for about a week, and he was reading a chess book.  He offered to show me how to play AND gave me the chess book....and I was hooked.


I don't know whether to thank him or curse him. grin.png


From my dad who beat me 100 games in a row before i drew a game. 


From dad when I was 9.  He said he'd give me $5 the first time I beat him.  I finally managed that feat and bought a Timex watch with my winnings.  Only to discover I was allergic to the watchband (so I couldn't wear it). sad.png

ghost_of_pushwood wrote:

From dad when I was 9.  He said he'd give me $5 the first time I beat him.  I finally managed that feat and bought a Timex watch with my winnings.  Only to discover I was allergic to the watchband (so I couldn't wear it).

When was the last time a Timex watch was $5?! Also, I'm awful at the game, but learned it through my dad, and then later basic tactics from a school chess elective.


Actually, I think it was 10 bucks (I had another 5 saved up myself). happy.png


From my dad when I was 8 i think

Grandpa, he beat me all the time, then after I started to read books on chess I started to win and then he never played me again.
Only in checkers did he always win.

who said i have learnt chess?


When i was age 8 my dad taught me and beat me 100 games in a row.

However, by age 9, I was winning from him on a regular basis and he stopped playing me.

There was no internet or any of the mediums you have now. When I was 11 or 12 I could hold my own vs the best adult players in Decatur Illinois where I lived.

At ages 15 and 16 I was hired as Chess Instructor for dozens of schools and hundreds of school kids.

Still, for me, only Chess Life and I had 2 or 3 books. And some information on the Smith Morra Gambit.

Just after graduating from high school at age 18 I played my first USCF tournament game and beat an expert.

After that I bought some more books...[and was into correspondence chess]

My Dad taught me. Miss playin him

My father taught me the chess rules at my age of about 7-9 years. But we played only seldom. When I joined a chess club for the first time, I was in my thirties. 


Some teacher built up a voluntary chess class in my 5th or 6th grade, when I was nine or ten years old. I even bought my first chess book after moving to another school because I missed it - a really basic one which explained tactical motifs like forks, skewers, and so on, also basic endgames and a little glimpse into openings.

With the age of thirteen one of my godfathers took me on a train tour from Germany to Italy. To kill the time he brought a pocket chess set, and we played for hours. Most of the games I won, which I enjoyed as a child very much, to beat a grown up at something, of course. 

When I grew older the suspicion arose in me he might had let me won deliberately. But we lost touch and I never came along to ask him on the usual family festivities we met. Until my mid-twentieth. 

Then I moved to the town where he lived and we met for dinner. I've asked him if he wants to meet for some games of chess. He said: "Uhm, chess has never been my cup of tea..."

Finally I'd got the answer to a question nagging me for years! happy.png 


Someone gave me a "No Stress Chess" set from Barnes & Noble.  The board is marked to show you how to set it up, and you draw cards that tell you to move a certain piece and how that piece moves.  I learned by playing against myself to pass the time while I was out on sick leave.  


The local butcher...


Thats a real good Q OP... I really don't know where or who taught me chess... I'm 62 Years old..and cain't remember when I started..  I probably thought, when I was a young'in, that everybody just knew it or something.. Like when fish spawn or ducks migrate.. Just "wired" in!