Live Chess team match leader board


So I have been discussing with a friend of mine and we have come together to try and think of a way for teams that participate in a live chess leader board. 

We have this for daily matches and vote chess but nothing for live matches. 

Obviously it would only apply to teams that participate in live chess team matches but this is a great idea because then it gives teams something to work towards in the same way as daily and vote chess. 


indeed Donna good thoughts


I wish you that the energy of the "young" adepts of "live chess" will be communicative.  🎈 😎 🎈


It is a good idea. But there is the club Live Chess, which is playing every sunday 05:00 pm, with players for their teams. Is it the same? Or you mean in a different way? 😉


OK clubs that play daily matches have a daily match leader board. See it HERE

Clubs that play vote chess have a leader board. See it HERE

We want one for live team matches. 


Here is a sample of how you can send this Live Matches leaderboard suggestion to I already sent mine, pretty simple! 


I agree a live chess leader board would be a good addition to the site......why not...we have it for daily TMs and VC...and there are even club top player a club leader board would certainly bring the live match scene into step!


But staff really need to look at the way the mobile app works with live matches and arenas...cos that is really poor at the moment!  👎


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A live match Leaderboard would encourage more live matches!

10/10 agree!


It would be interesting to find out which is the club that is at the top in live chess matches.


Great idea. It was something I myself would have suggested - but someone came in advance. It would be a great tool - when you have to find relevant teams to challenge.


Thank you everyone for your input. These are all great as staff will be able to see the support it is getting. 


I think something that shows the number of players that joined the match would be useful.


Yes!, i agree and i support this 👍


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Very good idea!


I was looking for a live chess leaderboard just the other day. I think live matches might be included in the 'club match leaderboard' together with daily matches, but I also think that having them separate is a good idea.


Great idea, support from Srbija Tim! thumbup.png




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