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3D Touch iOS Capabilities

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    If some of you know, 3D Touch is when you press harder on the screen than usual and more options appear for an icon, button, etc on the iPhone 6S and up. I just see why not add 3D Touch Capabilities on chess. For example, press hard on someone's profile and their ratings appear for each time control and let go to make it disappear, or press harder to go to their profile. It's efficient and takes advantage of features on iPhones
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    They have to upgrade based on the lowest common denominator.


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    What does that supposed to mean
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    They are still trying to deliver basic functionality like tournaments on the IOS app.  While that is going on , they have to keep up with the constantly evolving platform.

    In order to keep the most people happy, they have to decide which features will work across the highest percentage of IOS releases and focus on those.

    I don't have statistics but I would  guess that few people have the 3D touch at the present time. So that can't be a priority.

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    They also probably don't want to create a lot of differences across the Android and iOS apps, though, that is likely less of a concern than coding features that will work across as many devices as possible.


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