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Analysis board problem

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    The analysis board will typically show you the move order up until the move you have submitted (i.e. if you have a position and have selected to play say 25. Bxh7+ but not pressed "Submit", the analysis board should show you the position from Black's 24th move). This way if you do not have the "touch move" button toggled, you can place a move on the game board and then run through all the possible replies associated with that move. If the position cannot be reasonably analyzed as favorable, you can always hit "cancel" on the game board and input a different move. I use this so I know which candidate move I am analyzing with out getting bogged down and accidentally making the incorrect move ahead of time.

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    Sorry, I should have noted the move I was on that didn't match.  I'm certainly not going to go through all of them to see which one it was.  But thanks. 

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    No worries.


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