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bug with tournament play??

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    hi all, not sure if I am posting this in the right spot, but at least twice now I've been in 15 10 tournaments and been involuntarily "quit" out of the tournament. I find out when the pairings get posted for the next round, and I'm no longer listed as an active player. In the last tournament (just now) I had 2 out of 4 points and should have been into the 5th round. When I look at standings it says I have 2 points but have dropped out.


    I don't do anything unusual except that I am watching remaining tournament games as I wait for the next round to start.


    In the episode that just happened, I won round 4 after my opponent timed out / disconnected -- I won on time. I also think this may have happened in prior instances of this issue.


    any ideas? is there any known bug like this? does the browser matter (using firefox)...??


    If I need to post this somewhere else please let me know.

    cheers, -Peter

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    it might be that you also disconnected, even for a short time.

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    it sure didn't look like it, I was watching other boards non stop and didnt see any gap in the action - its my understanding you have to time out for a full minute (and that definitely didnt happen).

    I've switched my "connection settings" and hopefully that'll fix it.

    is there a "Recommended Browser" for the chess.com interface? I'm using firefox but could use IE, Opera, chrome.....


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    It sounds like the same sort of disconnects i get... 45 seconds can be a huge loss in a 3 min game.

    One of the recommended browsers is chrome, but i use that and it makes no positive difference for me

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    thanks for the info


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