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Can we earn Team Match Points whilst playing for our Groups ?

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    Hi Chess.com,

    Would be Great if Every Member here who belongs to any Group can earn Team Match points if we r playing for our Teams .. maybe like 1 point per game for eachTeam Match we participated in ( maybe can backdate to include all the previous Matches we hv played in too,if possible ) !

    ( Note : not registered for ; must hv participated in,ie the Team Match n' hence games must hv started )

    .. maybe juz display on our Profile Page ?

    ( Also,maybe after we reach a certain number of points ,we get a Trophy from Chess.com or somthng )

    I think this wld be an incentive ( juz a little maybe) for our Group Members to take part in our many Team Matches  as well as serve as a Personal Challenge /Satisfaction .

    ( Wld be Great as a Personal Record too ! )

    Also I think All Group Super Admins and Admins will be very Happy coz more of their Members might be willing to/interested in joining their Team Matches !

    .. Currently,We hv to keep Appealing to our Members to join in .

    Tnx So Much ! Smile

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    So you are sugesting that they track how many team matches you participate in and give you a trophy if you do a lot?  I think this is an interesting idea.  I would be happy even if they didn't give you any credit for ones you already did, because that wouild be a lot of work, but just adding a little counter and awarding points and trophies in the future shouldn't be that hard.

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    I think it's a great idea. Currently it's really hard to get enough people to join in TM. Some TM has already created for weeks but people rarely came. We get team points after winning the TM, and everybody would get a point after commenting in a forum, so why cannot active players who devoted in the TM  get some reward like 1 point per game and when the points piled up a especial trophy? Sometimes, people really like to know how many TMs they hv played. So maybe we can set up a new kind of point system like a TM point. In this way we can see who are active in TM. I really think it would be an great incentive and would make the work of SAs and admins easier.

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    Similarly,Could we also hv a Counter for our Vote Chess Games ( n' display the Stats on our Profile Page ),so we know how many we hv played in, n' we can also see/know how active a Member is in Vote Chess  ?


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    Kikyo_Sushi wrote: Good question about the vote chess... it's actually

    A good thing there is vote chess ! Don't ask too much but it is a good question

    Because you can improve with that and I saw that you have 1600 rating and

    Over so it is very good because they would need people to work it out...

    Similarly,Could we also hv a Counter for our Vote Chess Games ( n' display the Stats on our Profile Page ),so we know how many we hv played in, n' we can also see/know how active a Member is in Vote Chess  ?


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    Because there are so many groups on C.c and many members are in several groups, this may be a bit difficult for C.c to devise a system of metrics for this. Maybe either C.c can create a series of fun trophies, or give the group admins the ability to create custom trophies fitting to the theme of their group(s) to administer to their members.

    Likewise, metrics for vote chess may be difficult because of the fact that some members either leave the game (voluntarily) or are removed for certain reasons (silent voting, inappropriate behavior, etc.). I would imagine that games would not be counted unless members are able to remain in the game to completion. Then (even in that), what if certain members are in VC matches but neither vote nor post in 'Team Comments'?

    At present, an internal system would probably work best for each group in rewarding participation in team matches, vote chess matches, etc. On the same note, this will really be difficult for admins managing several 'individual groups'. In my case, I'm working on something a bit different...having several 'provincial' groups under one 'central' with a universal system of measuring participation among members. There's still much fine tuning to do though; but there's an immensity of ideas that are constantly entering my mind.



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