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Almost all forums on the Internet have a search function which finds posts with the chosen text in. The one does not. My guess is that it searches first posts only in threads for a string of text.

The reason I am posting this is because this function makes it impossible to find information in a large active group. In this case I am looking for both specific past analysis in the Cheating Forum and posts which were referred to and have so far failed on both counts (I think because they are not the first posts in threads).

Please can we have a search function which finds posts with selected search text? Ideally with the usual exact string and "AND" options for non-adjacent words  (or perhaps just substrings would do).


Not disagreeing but try something like this in the meantime.


Some other suggestions here ... tips-for-searching-the-forums


the same problem when you are searching groups. rather than giving you any group with the search term in the name, it gives you all the groups with the search term anywhere in the group description. a group search almost give thousands of results.


                   "I'm looking for past analysis in the cheating forum"  ???   Doing a term paper are we?     Click on forums, all the categories will come up.




                   Dr, what I can't understand is he's got 28,000 points. We're not talking rookie here.


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