fun way to play chess


i was just thinking a wierd way to play chess, close to Chess 960 but each opponent can choose there type of position, except the pawns of course :) Example, i am white...

i know it's a bad idea but just to point off, before you play it goes like:

Player 1 making position!!!

Player 2 FINISH!

Waiting for player 1

Player 1 Finish...


Nothing new under the sun.


Wolfleader's suggesting that each side choose the position of his/her pieces, as long as it is possible in chess 960* (you can't have two dark-squared bishops, for example), and if it isn't the normal starting position for chess. Am I right?

Technically this isn't chess 960, since in it the position is symmetrical, though that's irrelevant.

 @Gil-Gandel It's slightly different, as you can't place the pawns, you can castle,etc.

*Whites position in the diagram is technically impossible in chess 960. Does it reall have to be possible, or can it not be possible?


If chess is meant to represent a military battle, then allowing the general to arrange his soldiers seems more in keeping with that theme.  Can you imagine two opposing generals chatting on their cell phones before a battle, agreeing on how many infantry and how many cavalry are allowed where?  On another note, why not allow two light bishops, or two dark bishops?