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    Hey, I am just wondering if there is a "hide rating" feature on Chess.com.

    I need this feature, because sometimes I get intimidated by opponent's rating and end up losing because I think I was going to lose anyway. It will be even better if there is "hide rating change" too, so that players won't focus too much on winning or losing.

    Is there any way to do this?

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    No, there isn't an option for that. If you are on a browser, you might be able to find or create a browser extension/plugin that will do that though.

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    I have also thought this might be an interesting option.

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    On the mobile app I can't see ratings unless I turn my phone sideways and I do like this fact. I can just play without thinking stuff like, this guy is 300 points higher than me I better be careful or, this guy is 200 below me I better win or il lose more points then normal. A hide rating feature would probably be a welcomed addition to the site.

    coffeethyme wrote:

    I have also thought this might be an interesting option.

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    Choose your opp to be in your rating range.

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    AIM-AceMove wrote:

    Choose your opp to be in your rating range.

    He does not want that.  He wants to remove the intimidation factor and beat higher rated players.

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    Then there is only one solution. Play more vs higher rated and you will feel how they play - their strong side - your blunders etc. It is experience that matter. Just recently i was scared playing vs CM/FM/IM/GM. I was blundering in 10 moves. But then i beated couple FM's and even a GM in 3 min blitz (not here). Ofcourse i lost many games. But that gave me huge confiedence. And when i play non titled lower rated that are still higher rated than me i play much stronger and even i scored wins vs 1900 when i was 1700-1800. You will realise that higher rated players are not better in every single aspect of the game from you. If you play your game and they not or miss tactic you will see that they are also humans and very beateble. Usually stronger players when they play me first 10-20 moves they go for quick cheap threats/wins. When you spot their attack they will come more and more nervous and suddently you are winning.

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    Thank you all for the comments! I really want this feature to be added to the site. Is there anyway to get the attention of chess.com site developer to this forum?

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    I too, think this option should be added on; though, we should still go against people in our range.

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    I'm pretty sure someone from staff looks at these, since that is what it is for.


     With work continuing on v3, the developers are mostly concentrating on that.  Unless this was something they already have as a possible feature it would be unlikely to be added until after v3 is live, assuming staff think it is a good idea.

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    adblock can do this.

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    this is really needed in chess.com

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    Good idea.  I feel the same way when I play in OTB tournaments.  I try to avoid seeing my opponent's rating until after the game.  Take all opponents seriously (but don't assume they're invincible), and focus on the board.  The psychological mistakes of over-confidence and under-confidence are easier to avoid if you don't know your opponent's rating.

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    @RouteToGM I am using mainly Mozilla Firefox. How do you modify the css code for your own browser?

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    lichess has a function like this called playing anonymously (or vs anons)

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    Wow, this is great! I didn't know that you can just modify it here. Thanks, RouteToGM!

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    RouteToGM, I have another question regarding css. Can you also remove a part of the sentence on the right when playing live (the one that says (win: 8, draw: 0, loss: -8))?

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    I've mentioned this to the developers. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Kirkwood, thanks a lot!


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