Member Poll option


An option to post poll questions to get other member's feedback on an idea. Just liek the surveys option in the homepage. jsut like members browse forums, it would be equally interesting to browse poll questions and provide feedback. currently only staff can post questions/polls


edit :

it can be just added as a option in the regular forum posts to be able to attach poll questions to the forum posts


Click on Help & Support and contact the staff directly with your suggestion. A few other members have also proposed this recently (or did you propose it elsewhere?)


It might kill the stupid hurt heal threads.


uh-oh we wouldn't want that to happen would we? Tongue out


I'm bumping this back up.  I may have also expressed my interest in this previously in some other thread too.  But I'm doing it again.


I'm an admin of too many groups and one thing I seek to do in each is to try to do things by consensus or as democratically as possible.  What variation to set up the next vote chess game the group would play is the kind of thing I try to get a consensus about, and a poll would be a great way to do that.  It would also come in handy for many other things, like when a group is deciding on what kind of rules they wish to all abide by.


I don't really want to take people off-site to like survey monkey or some similar site because it's a pain in the neck and it would be information we could return to in some cases.