Request for game analysis data


I am requesting that in game anaylsis, our opponents' inaccuracies would be shown also. Currently, their mistakes and blunders are only shown.

I think it gives wrong impressions, of our opponent always making the best move, perhaps when they aren't, because it isn't being shown.

It would not only prompt us to see what the best move was when we realize that it wasn't played, but also, it could help us to better visualize how a position should be played, without having to play a game, trying to duplicate the circumstances. It might not make it to that position, even if we try.

  Having this feature would also be a good indicator of our opponents' honesty. If you play them, especially several games and they never make an inaccuracy, it should be a red flag, especially with the system has in place. It calls the 1.....c5 for the Sicilian Defense an inaccuracy, if you don't play 1.....e5 for the King's Pawn game.


Yeah, the analysis is often BS for the first several moves (or more) when it comes to judging what's sound or not. On the other hand it's still way better than nothing and doesn't suck up any resources on your PC.

Get over it and download Arena (free), Houdini, Stockfish, and other free world-class chess playing programs and use them to analyze your games with in more detail. I don't use Arena so I don't know how well this will work, if you have the bucks buy Fritz 13 or some other megaweight chess program, you can also load other world-class engines in F13 and I'm using F12 so I'm sure F13 has the same or better game analysis features.

Or you can contact the staff with your suggestion, which I suspect will not exactly be at the top of their improvements list.


nameno1had wrote:

"... it could help us to better visualize how a position should be played..."


In his book, "Pawn Power In Chess", Hans Kmoch writes on page 106 that almost all openings result in one of 6 characteristic pawn structures. From 106-173 he details with diagrams, text and variations those 6 characteristic pawn structures and how to handle them from both White side and Black side.