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Site Regularly Disconnects Me When Internet Is Working Perfectly

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    Just got forfeited for being disconnected during a game where my Internet was working perfectly. I was freely able to browse to any given site - I tested this while the "You have disconnected" sign was up - at fast speeds. Do others have this problem on Chess.com? This is not something I experience elsewhere.

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    I have, twice, cost me 2 easily won games

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    The same happens to me everytime now. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago. I get disconnected every 2 or 3 moves. I have tried chess 24 and get no problems. Can anything be done to fix the problem?


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    I have the same problem !

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    In the last two days BOTH of our new Cisco internet routers at our Datacenter were hit with this bug which killed live chess. That caused serious issues for the last 48 hours. Things should be mostly back to normal now. Let me know if you continue to experience issues. 


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    Thanks for the update Erik.

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    They should PAUSE all games when there's a server problem, so people don't LOSE for no reason

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    Good idea, actually.

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    and then when u have logged back on, have a sign that says "resume ur blitz game" when both players are back on

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    They had something like that early on (based on some old forum posts). They removed it. My guess is that very few games were ever resumed and it made sense to just end games instead.

    They could potentially just null out the game (no win/loss but keep a record) when the server detects both players disconnected/aborted instead, though that won't help for an intermittent or temp disconnect when only one of the players doesn't reconnect quickly enough.


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    That too would be fine

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    it just happened to me.

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    Ridiculously unfair

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    I changed from internet explorer to Google chrome , no problems for 8 days now I am getting disconnected every move. Back to where I was before


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    Firefox is also good

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     Linux Mint and Firefox Quantum, state of the art, MS Windows and Chrome are like so 1992


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