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    Since i have written two reasonable sized apps in the last two days. i find it strange that chess.com ignores win mobile 8 users. this includes surface users too. just make the app its aggravating that i am pushed into inferior apple and android products else be force to use a website less than mobile friendly. get the win mobile 8 put together guys im not the only debating on other applications.

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    They don't care! There are 10's of threads on this very point.

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    There is an app that I found that plays through their sys but I recommend chess by post

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    Chess by post is the best app for playing correspondence style chess on Windows Phone and Chessclub allows you to connect to ICC or Fics but no premove and not slick at all like the ICC app on IOS and Android.

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    somewhere in this kohai says they have a beta version for windows phone, but nothing yet for windows 8

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    Agree completely - would love a WP chess.com app so that I could finally replace my old Android phone. gbrafford - which app have you found that works with chess.com?


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