1900 win highest ever otb



Nice finishSmile,well done


cool game.  when looking at both lines suggested i cant really see a way you dont win, so looking at it any more seems pointless.


good job!


thank you all


I am not ashamed to admit that there are certain things I did not understand in this game. Hope you wouldn't mind answering my questions:

A. What do you think about 4. Ne5?

B. What was your rationale behind 6. Bd3?

C. What was the reason for 16. Ng3?

There are more questions, but I think I can manage if you answered these for now. 

Many thanks.



i am not the author but i guess i can answer your questions too:

A) You shouldn't move a piece twice in the opening, except you have a very good reason for that. 4Ne5 achieves nothing, so black has probably already equalized

B) 6Bd3 develops your bishop and enables you to rochade your king. its the most natural move for white in this position and also the main line of the meran variation of the semi-slav. You can read about the alternatives (mainly Qc2) in an opening book of your choice

C) If you had paid attention on his annotation you would know because he even explained why he made this move. he wanted to jump to Ne4 with his knight because he thought thats a much better position for the knight


exactly zeromotion if you look in the articals list you will see "knowing your poistions agenda" by silman p2k