GM Akiba Rubinstein

Full name
Akiba Rubinstein
Dec 1, 1880 - Mar 15, 1961 (age 80)
Place of birth
Stawiski, Congress Poland

A wizard at the board, Akiba Rubinstein astonished the chess world when, as a youth, he defeated many famous players, one of which was José Capablanca. An endgame virtuoso as well as an opening creator, Rubinstein wrote new theory in both areas of chess, including ideas that have lasted until our day. With the outbreak of World War I, he missed his chance to play for the World Championship and never got another opportunity. Despite this, he has gone down in the history books as one of the most talented players of all time.

Akiba Rubinstein learned to play chess at the age of 16. In 1903 he made the decision to devote himself to chess full-time. Within the next few years, Rubinstein showed that he was among the strongest players in the world. In 1912 he finished first in a record five consecutive major tournaments. Some people at the time even considered him better than the current world champion, Emanuel Lasker. At this time, Rubinstein wasn’t given a chance to challenge for the world championship because the rule was that the reigning world champion was allowed to handpick his challengers and Lasker didn’t decide to face Rubinstein until 1914. It was this year when World War I started and the match was cancelled as a result of this. For the last 29 years of his life, he suffered from schizophrenia and was very anti-social. He passed away on March 15, 1961.

Best Game

Most Played Openings

White Pieces
Semi-Slav Defense Accepted (1) : D44
King's Indian Defense (8) : E62 E72 E60 E67 E61
Catalan Opening (2) : E01 E00
Queen's Gambit Accepted (7) : D24 D20 D28 D26 D27 D25
Semi-Slav Defense (11) : D45 D47 D46
Queen's Pawn Opening (34) : D00 A40 D02
Alekhine Defense (2) : B05
Ruy Lopez Opening (5) : C71 C60 C83 C84
Colle System (16) : D04 D05
Neo-Gruenfeld Defense (4) : D73 D71 D78
Old Benoni Defense (3) : A43 A44
Budapest Defense (3) : A52
Old Indian Defense (9) : A54 A53
Sicilian Defense (5) : B27 B56 B32 B36 B45
Queen's Indian Defense (5) : E16 E15 E17
Bogo-Indian Defense (2) : E11
Gruenfeld Defense (3) : D94
King's Gambit Declined (7) : C32 C30
Scandinavian Defense (2) : B01
Tarrasch Defense (21) : D33 D34 D32
Blumenfeld Countergambit (1) : E10
Benko Gambit Declined (1) : A57
King's Gambit Accepted (2) : C34 C36
Pirc Defense (3) : B08 B07
Caro-Kann Defense (1) : B13
King's Pawn Opening (1) : B00
Four Knights Game (2) : C49
Three Knights Opening (1) : C46
Black Pieces
Old Indian Defense (1) : A54
Vienna Game (7) : C29 C27
Queen's Pawn Opening (21) : D02 D00 A40
Queen's Gambit Accepted (15) : D27 D20 D24 D21 D28
Colle System (7) : D05 D04
Four Knights Game (32) : C47 C48 C49
Van't Kruijs Opening (1) : A00
Giuoco Piano Game (15) : C53 C50 C51 C54
Reti Opening (7) : A04 A06 A09
Semi-Slav Defense (5) : D47 D45
Slav Defense (2) : D11 D10
Alekhine Defense (2) : B02
Hungarian Opening (1) : A00
Bishop's Opening (5) : C28 C24
Scotch Game (7) : C45 C44
Torre Attack (2) : A46
King's Indian Attack (1) : A07
Tarrasch Defense (10) : D32 D34 D33
Scandinavian Defense (1) : B01
Indian Game (1) : A46
King's Gambit Declined (4) : C30 C32
Italian Game (3) : C57 C50
Three Knights Opening (1) : C46
Center Game Accepted (1) : C21
King's Pawn Opening (1) : C20