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    • Slomski's Rapid Chess Training League - Season 1

      During the period of September 2015 - January 2016, a new rapid league will be taking place here on Chess.com, designed to give strong players a chance to play against similarly rated competition in rapid time controls. The league is organized and... | Read More

    • Kostya's Blueprint: Learning Structures - Part 2

      In Part 1 I explained why learning the ins and outs of a given pawn structure is a great way to improve your understanding of our beloved game, and laid out an approach to developing a grasp of any position by asking key questions. Today I'd like... | Read More

    • Kostya's Blueprint (to Chess Mastery): Learning Structures

      Let's work our way backwards for a moment and try to break things down as much as possible... What's the point of chess? To test yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in a battle of wits and intellect against a fellow human. Ok maybe tha... | Read More

    • Developing Knowledge & Skill: Kostya's Blueprint to Chess Mastery

      My ambitious intention today is to offer an overall philosophy on how one should study chess in order to maximize their progress. I've decided to lay it all out, right here. Everything it takes (in my opinion from this point on) to reach your ful... | Read More

    • An Intro to FM Kostya's Blog

      I've been thinking about starting a consistent blog here on chess.com, but I'm not sure what I should write about..there's a lot about chess that can be explored! I have no concrete reason or incentive, I simply enjoy the process of writing and f... | Read More

    • Anand - Carlsen on the ChessTrainer App!

      I'm writing this post to offer attention to an instructional chess app currently on the market, called ChessTrainer. This app is currently available for free download on the iPhone and offers various lessons on a variety of chess topics (basic str... | Read More

    • Chess Doppelgangers

      Hey everyone, something I recently noticed was that there are a few chess players out there who resemble some "real world" celebrities. I just wanted to share them here with you because it's quite funny to me and I enjoy looking at these pictures ... | Read More