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Why do so few players play 30 min live chess?

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    Perhaps a policed slow-time control league might help?  You don't need chess.com to help set it up (groups could work just fine) when a discerning admin can simply boot out people who stall their clock / resort to trash talk + other non-civil antics from the league. 

    The ICC's STC and 45-45 leagues do just that ... no sore losers, no non-serious players and this additional layer of oversight is kryptonite for engine users.  The downside is that it takes some planning up-front but it definitely makes for a better online live-chess experience.

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    They probably don't take online chess seriously. Maybe in real life they play long games.  I used to play blitz online but now playing more standard games. I want to improve.

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    chiss_slu napisał:

    Yes, I tend to agree with that.  It is because more serious, and better, chess players get their fill of longer games over the board, in "real life."

    When they are here, it's mostly just to ham around with their friends, or perhaps play some casual blitz and bullet chess.

    You are right, I play longer games mostly OTB or on other sites (FICS team ligue is a nice 45|45 tournament where you can play against strong opponents who play honestly, i.e. without engines, and improve your chess - FICS has a nice feature called WatchBot which records observer's comments and you can see after finishing the match what others thought of your game while you played it).

    Besides the team ligue I though prefer blitz matches on internet, sometimes like 100 games or more during 7-8 hours. Not that I am a strong player, just a patzer with maximum FIDE rating of 2138 who tries to reach CM title eventually Tongue Out

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    Ok here is why I don't play 30 minute online. The one time I did play a 30 minute game my opponent dropped his queen 10 minutes into the game. He stopped moving and let the clock tick away hoping that I'd resign (I didn't). So yes I love one minute games instead.  

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    I probably mentioned that in another thread, but I have a reason not to play 30|0 games here.

    When I am on the computer, it is very tempting to open a new tab and check the news / the weather / the mail / etc. and lose focus on the game, even when it would be needed to concentrate. Of course that effect is stronger on longer time controls than in blitz.

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    FirebrandX wrote:
    orangeishblue wrote:

    Everyone dances around the real issue. Stronger players don't play 30 0 because of cheating and weak opponents.

    This, and also sore losers that decide to let the clock run out. In a 3 min or 5 min game, it's only a minor inconvenience when they stall the game out.

    Basically, you'll greatly increase your chances of getting screwed out of an honest chess game one way or another when you play longer online time controls like G/30. Hence why very few of the stronger players will opt for a long live game. I've even been cheated on in 3 min games, though I just moved as fast as I could to let them run out of time before their computer moves could checkmate me.

    Those people are fewer and farther between.  Since I opened up my chess.com account, I only landed one person like that on 30|0 time control.

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    I play 15|10, which I find comfortable.

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    @theprodigy01- Same, 15|10 is great. I should play you some time. The battle of the self-proclaimed prodigies :).

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    Probably people don't have time to play 30 minute chess? or is it the fact that they like to challenge themselves with less time.

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    friend me both prodigies and i'll play you 15/10 30/10 45/45 when i'm around

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    it appears that cheating is affecting all time control I use to play 15 min and now I think people are engine during turn--based. I leaning toward 45 45 time controls.

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    Two reasons not to play any time controls but 1, 2/1 or 3. (Not even 5 min.). First, there are too many mentally ill people who would just be stalling all the time. Second, there are many cheaters who don't lack time to copy the best move in a critical moment (They don't have to use an engine from the beginning). You can not catch them. I love bullet and blitz because your opponent MUST move his arse.

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    I disagree

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    i agree with da darkener!  They are right!

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    I am fairly new to chess.com and have a rating of 976 (I'm a crappy player but enjoy playing) I play only 30 minute games and run out of time (or running really short of time and make bad mistakes) in about 20% of my games. There's an option of 45/45, what exactly does this mean/

    And what is a troll?

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    ralfie3636 wrote:

    I am fairly new to chess.com and have a rating of 976 (I'm a crappy player but enjoy playing) I play only 30 minute games and run out of time (or running really short of time and make bad mistakes) in about 20% of my games. There's an option of 45/45, what exactly does this mean/

    And what is a troll?

    45|45 means 45 minutes for all moves with an additional 45 second increment added to the players clock after each move.

    As for the latter, here's an excerpt from wikipedia:

    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtrl//ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[3] 

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