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  • Simul on Friday with International Master Attila Turzo

    I am Attila Turzo, an International Master and Chess Coach.   I will play a simul  on the LIVE server with 30 15 time control. Friday simul will start at 9:00 pm Melbourne, Sydney time, 10:00 am London on Friday the 5th of F... | Read More

  • Checkmates of the day 50

    In my previouse posts I started to share my experiences about the  21 days to Supercharge your chess course: Supercharge my chess in 21 days Supercharge day 1 - My goals Supercharge day 1 - My goals - part 2   World Champion Garry Kasparov ... | Read More

  • CONFUSION (Blitz chess- help me improve!)

    Hello, the noob here, I hope you're doing fine. Over on my channel I've posted another video in the "Blitz chess" series. I hope you can help me spot my mistaked in order to improve.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!   Subscribe: https://w... | Read More

    • nemichelis
    • | Feb 4, 2016
  • WA Open Reserve 2015

    Hi People! Sorry for Posting my games so late. Just forgot. Anyways by round 5 I was the 2nd lowest seed in the reserve rated 1200 since this was last year. I had 3.5/4 and was playing Patrick Huang rated 1629 who had a perfect score of 4/4. | Read More

  • Kissing...

    "If kissing was just two people touching lips, it wouldn't touch our hearts and bind our souls the way it does." | Read More

    • hsparihar9
    • | Feb 4, 2016
  • Tournament Report: Winter Special (1)

    Last weekend I played an interesting tournament. The location (a hotel) was pretty nice and relaxing. And my results were handsome as well. This time, I do not want to report chronically but sort the games by complexity: In this post, I will show... | Read More

    • kurze15
    • | Feb 4, 2016
  • Curso audiovisual de ajedrez (102)

    | Read More

  • Wellington A V Priorslee lions

    After losing the last match it was essential that we record a win against the whipping boys of the division , what potentially could have been a decent season for them has collapsed due to being unable to field a steady team match after match. But... | Read More

  • قرص مگنارکس اصل

    بهترین قرص بزرگ کننده آلت مگنارکس پلاس … بهترین قرص بزرگ کننده آلت مگنارکس پلاس . نیرومند ترین فرمول منحصر به فرد کاملا طبیعی لـــو... | Read More

  • Basic Endgames - Knight #1

    Hi chess friends!  This is the first video about a new video series, I named it "Basic endgames". In this series you will see all the endgame positions that you must know! In this first video , I focused my attention about the knights. What d... | Read More

  • Join my clubs please

    Please join my clubs! I'm desperate for popularity! | Read More

    • chesserie
    • | Feb 4, 2016
  • chess

    play me | Read More

    • tblan1
    • | Feb 4, 2016
  • Caruana, Hess, Rensch and Trent

    Pics and screenshots, with appearances by Rex Sinqfield and GM Maurice Ashley. Good luck, players, in today''s ChessTV Death Match extraordinaire. It''s chess club Thursday over here.   Imagine that this energetic song is a metaphor for chess. I... | Read More

    • zealandzen
    • | Feb 4, 2016
    • | 1 comment
  • The comparison method

    The comparison method We became acquainted with the comparison method. We only use it in those situations in which we are called upon to decide between very similar moves or variations, or look for the correct order of moves. We then have to comp... | Read More

  • The 1st Youth Chess Composing Challenge

    The first competition in the frames of 59th WCCC (announced January 31st) will be devoted to youngest chess composers (born 1998 and after). TheYCCC consists of three thematic tourneys (#2, h#2 and endgames), with 5 months time for composing. Th... | Read More

  • Odd game

    | Read More

  • Underestimating Your Position: The Greater of Sins

    Following my loss on the White side of a King's Indian Defence, I annotated my game in the following post.   This game highlighted to me the need to improve my defence. I wasn't ha... | Read More

  • همیشه رفتن اختیاری نیست

    این بار به خواست تو میروم ... این بار اما برای همیشه ... به خواست خودت ... | Read More

    • f1375a
    • | Feb 4, 2016
  • oh!? Really?!? haha

    | Read More

    • BstFriend
    • | Feb 4, 2016
  • AIM enthusiast14 vs FM Filip boe olsen

    | Read More

  • Listen to Selah Sue with the bass boosted

    Selah Sue is a young woman from Belgium. She sings songs in about every style. I like this reggae song best. You will enjoy listening it most if put the bass a little louder. Say a million procent or so. Be social, be good and make your neighboors... | Read More

  • ... vs. GM

    So, this is the first time I fought with Indonesian GM, S. Megaranto. Note that my stupid blunders are because of timepanic attack. (Always happen in slow internet connection) | Read More

  • Sicilian with 2. Bc4

    みなさまこんにちは。最近黒番でシシリアンを指している時の2. Bc4の対処法が固まってきたので紹介してみようと思います。 chess.comで黒でシシリアンを指すと、とにかく2. Bc4が多い... | Read More

  • best game of the season by Vince Barron

    | Read More

    • niddrieboy
    • | Feb 4, 2016
  • لعنت بر شیطان

    به شیطان گفتم: «لعنت بر شیطان!» شیطان لبخند زد. پرسیدم: «چرا می‌خندی؟» پاسخ داد: «از حماقت تو خنده‌ام می‌گیرد.» پرسیدم: «مگر چه کرده‌ام... | Read More