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  • Качество компьютерного "глубокого" анализа

    Не раз задумывался о том, насколько качественный так называемый "глубокий" анализ на Смущало то, что подобный анализ выполняется ... | Read More

    • raamat70
    • | Jul 15, 2016
  • Wei Yi vs Magnus Carlsen - 2016 Bilbao Masters Final

    This is a Round 2 game between 17-year old phenom Wei Yi of China, and the current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway from the 2016 Bilbao Masters Final. This is their 2nd classical encounter where Wei Yi once again has the white pieces... | Read More

  • Hippo Fanatic

    The Hippopotamus Defence is a name for various irregular chess opening systems in which Black moves a number of his pawns to the third rank, often developing his pieces to the second rank, and does not move any of his pawns to the fourth ran... | Read More

  • Pictures of Fireworks!!!!!!!!

    So I am super excited about these pictures because I do not see a ton of them or at least not from many other kids my age. I took these on the 4th of July and I just watermarked them so here are some pictures that I took of fireworks! Check out m... | Read More

    • ColeZX4000
    • | Jul 14, 2016
  • Argentina Fischer Random Chess 960

    queres formar parte del grupo este es el link | Read More

  • Neat Tactic

    Hi. See if you can solve this tactic! | Read More

    • karlydoy
    • | Jul 14, 2016
  • dueling bishops #OCB

    una patta soddisfacente... vado sotto di due pedoni ma con l'alfiere di campo opposto riesco a salvare il salvabile. Dovrò approfondire l'argomento degli alfieri di colore opposto... per il momento sono soddisfatto così | Read More

    • m3zc
    • | Jul 14, 2016
  • Super Close Blitz Game!

    Hey guys! I played this really cool blitz match today and wanted to show you how close it was! | Read More

    • karlydoy
    • | Jul 14, 2016
  • Wonder pieces

    Have you ever thought of adding your own pieces to chess. Increasing complications, have different loads of different soldiers in your monarchy.              Well pretty similar those when we used to stack pieces up to get an extra queen w... | Read More

    • bala0761
    • | Jul 14, 2016
  • The 3 most important principles in the opening

    Dear Chess Friend! I created a free video lecture about the 3 most important principles in the opening. You can subcribe for the lecture here:  | Read More

  • My Youtube Channel Relaunched!

    Recently, I managed to break 1800 USCF and have now stabilized as a Class A player. This achievement inspired me to once again begin uploading training videos to my youtube channel- MyJourneyToChessMaster. I plan to post videos daily of my train... | Read More

  • SCM2016: Rounds 3-6

    Two thirds of the Sparkassen Chess Meeting Open are past. And I have scored 50% with 3 points out of 6 rounds (no draws!). I have already reported on the first three rounds and now will follow games 4 to 6: After losses in the previous two rounds... | Read More

    • Adrochatio
    • | Jul 14, 2016
  • Chess is art

    Che che che - its ..... | Read More

  • LIVE "BATTLE against masters on 14-07-16" — ShahMatKanal

      Соперники от 2300. Контроль: 3+0. Прямая трансляция проходила на Twitch: | Read More

  • Blog

    FLOWEY | Read More

    • M-M_m
    • | Jul 14, 2016
  • thats the end of earth

    the planet will be destroyed if we 4 billion years maybe there will be humans but they will be destroyed 8 minutes later.just dont pollute.the earth could be destroyed while we are livig too.if we keep polluting the earths going to be d... | Read More

    • hkp08
    • | Jul 14, 2016
  • Looking for chances - part 1

    In this game I would like to talk about chances. Chances in bad position. I would separate this type of game on two: the game on the opponent's blunder and looking for practical chances. I will not analyse first variation. For my opinion it's vari... | Read More

  • What You Need to Know to Become a Candidate Master

    Too many talented players get stuck at club level, prevented from reaching their potential by a lack of direction and the right kind of chess training. To take that extra step requires just a few small improvements but not just in one area but ev... | Read More

  • A position answer after a day

    White to move. Botvinik - Zagoryansky Sverdlovsk 1943 | Read More

    • Garuddd
    • | Jul 14, 2016
  • Slow Chess League Win

    To win a slow chess league game takes patience, concentration and accuracy in view of the slower time controls. A win is always a great feeling but a lost always feels worse.   In the following game, I had the white pieces and thankfully a fav... | Read More

  • How to pick perfect opening for you? [Infographic]

    Studying an opening is a major commitment, which is why it is important to look at all different openings and find which one suits you best.   Read the full article on my blog: Best chess openings | Read More

  • Daily Puzzle #11

    Hi! The 11th puzzle. | Read More

    • jong89
    • | Jul 14, 2016
  • Delusions of Grandeur

    You think you stand better. You want to win. You'll do anything to win. You'll press ahead with everything you have. This is the Delusion of Grandeur in Chess. My total assessment was thoroughly wrong where I reached the following position with W... | Read More

  • Hold the Door ... g4 is coming

    With some time to pass at the Airport, I revist my much neglected Chess blog to document an instructive loss I had on the Black side of a Classical Caro Kann.   One can see the g4 is coming ... but how to deal with it? I faced critical moments ... | Read More

  • Chess Rematch Etiquette Poll

    This is a very specific poll concerning Rematch Request Etiquette. You are welcome to elaborate, but I'm mostly concerned with the numbers.   Does it ever bother/annoy/offend (enter your own description) you that someone who just BEAT YOU immed... | Read More