how to beat a better player

For beginners/Intermediate players ..

how do u improve yr chess course by beating a better player ...rather challenging equally rated players i suggest you to play with better rated opponent ..if u think u ll loss many its not so ..u just have to win 1/4 matches to keep yr rating same ^_^ ...if u manage to do tht whats yr advantage ..

1 u ll learn from them without paying them  xp

2 yu ll know where u r weak ..

3 u ll be motivated even if u win  match against better opponent

what are the things to keep in mind while playing them .. 

1 never trade them as ur making their job easy especially queens

2 make the position complex !!! that u make them to think..if they find  difficult to figure out whats goin on ..more chances they ll do mistake ..

3 play active positions at the cost of say a piece to keep the king in the centre ..or one pawn to make yr position fightin ..playin passive positions ...its more like waiting to be killed -w-  

i share one of my games ...where i win better opponent within 13 moves !


  • 3 years ago


    Even on move 9 it isn't yet too late for black to capture ...Nxe5 - where according to my calculation he should even win a pawn after 9...Nxe5 10. Qxe5 Qxd4 - or even a piece in case you go 9...Nxe5 10. dc Nxc4. 

    The dangers of playing over-ambitious plans with the Q too early in the game, when the rest of your pieces are still at home... :-)

    Still, your plan worked, so more power to you!

  • 3 years ago


    Loved it! Really fantastic play. 

    Of course he SHOULD have played ...Nbd7 on move 5 or 6 and certainly taken on e5 on move 8 with 8...Nxe5 9. Qxe5 Bd6

    But he hadn't... and I find your way of punishing him pretty and creative. 

    You may be interested in reading an article by Alekhine about the sacrifices on f7 and e6 - it was a favorite theme of him. I have it in an old book called "learning chess from the world champions" or something like that... maybe it could also be found online - I haven't tried. 

    Way to go!


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