Sokolsky/Polish Opening (1.b4) - Bugayev Advance Variation


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After 1. b4 e5 2. Bb2 f6 White can choose to avoid the Gambit Variation (3. e4) and advance the b-pawn to 3. b5. This line is known as Bugayev Advance Variation.

As a result Black forms a pawn center and White is planning to undermine it with either d2-d4 or c2-c4. The 4. e3 move prepares both these choices.

The resulting position is very typical of the 1. b4 opening. White is attacking wide front on the queenside and Black achieves his counterplay on the kingside. A possible continuation might be: 8... f5 9. Nh3 Nf6 10. Qb3 0-0 11. Ba3! giving White better chances.

The Bugayev Advance Variation better suits conservative 1. b4 players. Attacking maniacs could consider playing the Gambit lines (see the links below) Cool

>>Main article: Sokolsky/Polish Opening (1.b4). Basic Opening Theory.<<

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