Tracking good articles!
GM Boris Spassky (left) plays Bobby Fischer on the right in the "Match of The Century." (Reykjavik, Iceland/1972.)

Tracking good articles!

NM FLchessplayer
Oct 3, 2014, 12:55 PM |

This is just a blog to track some of the excellent articles on this site, too many get "lost in the woods" or become extremely hard to find - especially after many months go by. 

By the way, the above picture is from the chess "World Championships" held in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1972. Boris Spassky is on the left, and Bobby Fischer is on the right. (games) {A note of personal interest, I was stationed in Iceland for 18 months while in the U.S. Air Force.} 

And here are the articles:

  1. "Clash of Champions" Fischer vs. Spassky; (Click here). 
  2. "The Best Game of Chess Ever Played." (Click here.) 
  3. "The Endgames of Magnus Carlsen." (Click here.) 
  4. "The Crushing Tactics of Vugar Gashimov."  (Click here.) 
  5. "Can you find these Classic Combinations?" (Click here.) 
  6. "The Architect of Modern Chess?" (Click here.) 
  7. "Farewell to a legend." (Emory Tate. Click here.) 
  8. "Carlsen plays new 1st move in 2nd Rd. of Olympiad." (Click here.)
  9. "The Sparkling Bishop Combo."  (Click here.) 
  10. "The Fastest Way To Improve Your Chess." (Click here.) 
  11. "GM Magnus Carlsen Wins The GMBB." [2016] (Click here.) 
  12. Notable Chess Records. (Click here.) 
  13. A look inside the "computer mind" of AlphaZero
  14. An article by GM Serper about an important tactical pattern
  15. An exciting article about the rapid games ...
    played by some of the world's best players!
     (Sinquefield? St. Louis, MO/USA.) 
  16. CDC picks the "Ten Best" chess games of all time. (The list is flawed, subjective and misses some of the greatest chess games of all time ... but it is quite interesting! Click here to see my list of the 10 Best Games of All Time.)  
  17. I have long said - and I also predicted a Stockfish victory - that stocky was the best chess engine around ... click here to see the article. 
  18. The "Ten Most Exciting World Championships of All Time?" (Click here.) 
    (This promises to be a good one.) 
  19. "13 Things You Need To Know ... " (about the 2018 WCC); by GM J. Tisdall
  20. Stockfish won the inaugural blitz championship ... click here to read the article. 
  21. The future of chess? (An updated AlphaZero crushes Stockfish in a new match.) 
  22. "Why Do People Play Garbage Openings?" ... by GM Gregory Serper
  23. Next? 

   Tracking Great Video's!!   

In this section, I will track some of the really outstanding video's on this site ... don't worry, none of them are mine. (I DO have chess video's ... go to the "You-Tube" channel and look for lifemasteraj.) 

  1. A great video by GM Dejan Bojkov, "Fischer's Greatest Endgames." (Click here.)  
  2. A great video by GM Simon Williams on "Amazing Chess Moves!" (Click here.) 
  3. Next? 

Keep checking back ... as I add more articles! 😎