Silly Quotes!

Jan 26, 2008, 2:30 PM |

Here are some funny quotes that I heard from other people: (if u want, u can also post some more!)

"All Mie can say is Mie is So Sorry!" -MommaTo4Brats

"halo wie gets???"  -4lordme

"Hey I actually Do know the Muffinman!"  -Patrickjington

"I used to have heard a muffinman who has played daoc."  -kgun

"Why do i get no more muffins? U won't play me anymore? =["  -MommaTo4Brats

"im just a smiley person!!! hehe"  -MommaTo4Brats

"trust me. he would be back"  -RedSoxpawn

"Somebody ate the muffin man. I haven't seen him all day!!! Muffin man where are you???????!!!!!"  -MommaTo4Brats

"trust you what? that he would be back? im so scared im afraid that the little man has been eaten by your cat or maybe my 25 pound pug uhhhh"  -MommaTo4Brats

"I was thinking of you when I BURNT the muffins for the kids!!!!"  -MommaTo4Brats

"You know what I do to muffins i OVERCOOK THEM!!!! hahahha"  MommaTo4Brats

"Have any other bakers ever challenged you dominance of Drury lane?..can you submit a story about any attacks on your muffin monopoly and what you did to remain King of the Lane?"  -Rael