Jobava Attack vs the Grünfeld (Part 2)

Jobava Attack vs the Grünfeld (Part 2)

Nov 3, 2017, 10:40 AM |

Last week I posted on the Jobava Attack vs. the Grünfeld (see here). This is a line played by Baadur Jobava, Levon Aronian, Sergey Karjakin, Arkadij Naiditsch, and Eric Prie among others.

Obviously, you can play this line if you play the Jobava Attack in general e. g. 1. d4, Nf6, 2. Bf4, d5 3. Nc3, Bf5/g6 etc. However, to recap, you can also play it if you generally play the London with c3 & Nbd2, reserving Nc3 for the g6 setups e. g. 1. d4, Nf6, 2. Bf4, g6, 3. Nc3! If Black plays 3...d5 stopping e4, then they've transposed into a Grünfeld. In the line we've been looking at you play 4. e3 (alternative is Qd2, see, for example, the first game here and this game here), 4....Bg7, 5. h4! If they castle short, you go 6. h5 and upon 6...Nxh5, 7. Rxh5!, gxh5, 8. Qxh5 (See last week's post for the stem game) 

This week I want to look at some ideas for White when Black doesn't take with 6...Nxh5, but plays 6...c5. 

Option 1: hxg6

Option 2: dxc5

Next week we'll look at what White can do when Black doesn't play 5...0-0 but c5, h5, c6 or a6 instead.