How to calculate (3)

How to calculate (3)

Apr 13, 2016, 12:02 PM |

In post "My trainer told me - How to calculate (2)" I reported a case study with myself using the tactics trainer here. The first result was a "new" source of mistakes: Not seeing the defense resources in the opponents position. Just having played a slow game with incredible blunders I came to the conclusion 4 of these blunders were not seeing defense (or counterattacking) moves. Here's the game:

So what is this good for?

At first this is something you don't want to happen. Emanuel Lasker said something like: The human heart is a flatterer. So the emotion tells you all kind of excusions. Throw them away.

  1. The first step is diagnosis.
  2. Then I have to think about.
  3. What will my trainer tell?
  4. Then I will put it on the training list.

It will be on the training list, because the first step is looking for checks. And if this is done the decision over the next step will follow.