What is development? - Kings Gambit

What is development? - Kings Gambit

Mar 5, 2016, 4:05 PM |

This is about

  1. what is development
  2. the kings gambit
  3. two attacking patterns
  4. a further mating pattern

If you mate with black in 18 moves something has gone really wrong for white. So let's look at the short game and then give a summary.


  1. The Kings Gambit is an interesting opening. It allows white to attack directly.
  2. But White must be prepared for several plans by Black.
  3. A piece can be developed on the 8th rank! (This is something I didn't have a clear idea about in my first 40 years of chess.) You see this normally in assymetrical openings.
  4. The white attacking idea is classical: Opening the f-file, getting a majority in the center, attacking f7 or the squares nearby.
  5. One black counterplay is very old but sounds modern: Keeping the pawn with g7-g5 and so the f-file closed, preparing a center counter in connection with careful development. Careful means fast! This leads to assymetrical positions, a complicated fight.

Try it out! It's fun.