Chess Masterpieces: Karpov vs. Korchnoi, 1978
Anatoly Karpov wins a pretty attacking game against Viktor Korchnoi on the biggest stage in chess.

Chess Masterpieces: Karpov vs. Korchnoi, 1978

NM SamCopeland

There's a certain additional thrill and electricity in games from the world chess championship. With tensions high, two magnificent players at the height of their game battle for a month, trying to break their opponent's sturdy defenses.

Tensions were probably at their highest ever in the world championship match between Anatoly Karpov and Viktor Korchnoi in 1978. A mere two years earlier Korchnoi had defected from the Soviet Union. Now he had returned to vanquish the Soviet world champion.

After seven draws, things came to a head in the 8th game as (reportedly), Korchnoi innovated at the board with the dubious ...g6?! and Karpov punished him in one of the shortest and pretty games ever played in a world championship match. Here's my take on this beautiful game.

I've annotated this game below in further depth. Readers not inclined to watch the video may prefer my written take.

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