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    • "Preparing for the match against Fischer", excerpts from Boris Spassky's bio

      Nikolai Krogius was one of Spassky's coaches during his preparations for the match against Fischer. He shares a lot of insight from the Soviet camp. Here are some quotes from his biographical book about Spassky, published in 1998 and 2000 (2 volu... | Read More

      • Spektrowski
      • | Oct 20, 2015
    • Serper's Long Lost Game

      I'll admit, the title is a bit misleading. GM Serper himself probably has it in his archives. But, nevertheless, this game is not featured on chessgames.com, so it certainly was lost for a vast majority of chess fans. The game is from the Soviet ... | Read More

    • Rare candy: Korchnoi tactic

      Viktor Korchnoi isn't exactly known for his tactical masterpieces - his best chess quality is arguably his great tenacity, both in attack and defence. But, in his youth (yes, there was a time when Korchnoi was young!), he destroyed Efim Geller wi... | Read More

      • Spektrowski
      • | Jul 11, 2015
    • Garry Kasparov. My Best Chess Game

      Article from the magazine Chess In Russia, 1999 My Best Chess Game "My best game is ahead..." How many times have we heard this answer from chess players of any age and level of success. The dream of playing that game, which would shine upon t... | Read More

    • Inspired by Naroditsky

      GM Naroditsky is currently feuding with GM Serper in the Articles section of the site. The main topic of their argument is a certain Knight sacrifice at e6. After reading Naroditsky's article, I suddenly got a chance to sacrifice at e6 as well, ev... | Read More

    • Nona Gaprindashvili. A Bow to the Veterans, part 1

      Excerpt from Gaprindashvili's book I Prefer Risk (Предпочитаю риск). A Bow to the Veterans The first woman world champion Vera Menchik was tragically killed on 27th June 1944 during the Nazi bombing of London. After Alexander Ale... | Read More

    • On Nigel Short's article and #sexisminchess

      After reading some comments on Nigel Short's article about difference between men and women, I realized I had surprisingly strong feelings about this issue. I, frankly, don't see Short's comments as sexist, but that's probably because of my diffe... | Read More

    • Natalia Pogonina: "There were no politics in the chess final"

      Original in Russian here. The World Championship finalist Natalia Pogonina told in the interview for Gazeta.ru about her path in the Sochi tournament, the secrets of Olympiad victories, Russian-Ukrainian friendship and the benefits of chess for c... | Read More

    • Vladimir Kramnik: From Steinitz to Kasparov

      A 2005 interview of Vladimir Kramnik where he discusses all previous chess world champions of the time. The Russian original is here: http://www.e3e5.com/article.php?id=190 FROM STEINITZ TO KASPAROV I got to know the legacy of chess classics rel... | Read More

    • The big pawn breakthrough

      Another game of mine. As usual, nothing particularly great, but I really liked the pawn ending. | Read More