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How to prepare for the chess tournament

How to prepare for the chess tournament

Jan 24, 2017, 8:37 PM 0
  1. Physical preparation- Even though chess is a mental sport, nevertheless being able to play 4-8 hours per day requires a lot of energy and stamina, many blunders in later stages of the game appear due to fatigue of players not being ready to play long game. So ideally it is worth to spend some time for exercising before the tournament. Some jogging, swimming or yoga might be quite helpful there.
  2. Psychological preparation- It is important not to be afraid of higher rated opponents,  everyone does make mistakes. One should be confident in own chess abilities and concentrate on the quality of the games rather than a result.
  3. Chess preparation- To show good result, one should starting preparing for the tournament in advance, it is worth revising own opening, middlegame plans, endgame positions. As well should adjust to a time control by playing identical control training games. And the last part analyse your possible opponents in advance just to save energy and time during the tournament.

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