3 razor sharp games - A milestone

Nov 22, 2015, 6:06 PM |

With my chess study group achja-chess we have been playing vote chess for quite some time.

In the last few months something amazing started to happen.

We had three games with breathtaking attacking positions.

And eventually we ended up winning all three games as well.

Which is also a nice change because we did lose a few vote chess games rather quickly by indecisiveness or mediocre play.

I'm delighted to see that some group members started to be less materialistic and have more courage to play active and attacking, and are more willing to sacrifice material in exchange for active piece play.

We even played a gambit line against a team called GAMBIT LINES.

Congratulations team members. Nice one ! Smile

For now I'll give the games without annotations.

The most hair raising, mind boggling, one is last in line here :



The 3 vote chess games, weblinks :





And a special thanks to these two great group members during these matches :



Well done !!!