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A double Scotch with bishop to Frederic four

A double Scotch with bishop to Frederic four

Aug 28, 2017, 3:32 PM 1
Played a Scotch game with a line where I really like the Bf4 move. The idea is to prevent a quick d7d6 or d7d5 by black. Black can still play it but the pawn structure on the queen side will be mangled even more. Black tried to use the semi open a file right away with pressure on the far advanced white e5 pawn, but by spending some extra time in the opening I managed to take advantage of that. Then black suddenly blundered material, and after I did my best to keep playing solid moves, the win for white was there.
Max Euwe already wrote years ago (In the great serie with Master versus amateur books) that Nxd4 in the Scotch is a mistake. It gives white quick center control. However, one mistake or inaccuracy made by your opponent is usually not enough to win a game happy.png


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