Feeling bored ? Play London system ! :-)

Apr 29, 2016, 7:57 PM |

I believe it is a very good idea to work on becoming an all-round chess player, who can play both tactical attacking as well as positional chess with a good technique.

A good way to work on your positional chess is using the London system to try to get a small advantage and then grind down the rest.

London system is played very often by GM Kamsky, but also Carlsen and Giri and other top GMs play it every now and then.

First I will show you a few tricks that can happen in the London system.

Don't lose the knight ! :

Think about backrank issues :

Mind the weak squares :

Take care in an endgame :

Here's a game or two with the London system played :



And ... finishing with a positional ... attack ! :-)

London system is said to be boring, but it is rock solid, very easy to learn, and there's no need to spend hours per week on updating on the latest opening novelties etc.

You can also use it as an exercise to improve in positional chess, and technique.

Have fun ! Laughing


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