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Nov 9, 2016, 12:04 PM 0

Norwegian 'King of Chess' calls in the cyber police ahead of his battle with a Russian grandmaster amid fears Putin's hackers will steal his tactics from the computers he trains against


  • Magnus Carlsen is to play Sergey Karjakin in Chess World Championships
  • He fears Russian hackers are working to help his Crimean-born opponent
  • Karjakin is a fierce supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin 
  • Norwegian Carlsen, 25, has called on Microsoft to shield his secret tactics

The world chess champion Magnus Carlsen has pleaded with Microsoft to protect his secret tactics over fears Russian hackers will discover them. 

The Norwegian is to play the Crimean-born Sergey Karjakin in the World Championship final next week. 

But he fears cyber teams are working to help Karjakin who is a fierce supporter of Russian president Vladimir Putin.



Magnus Carlsen, 25, is to play Sergey Karjakin in the World Championship final next week




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