Top 10 most powerful openings.

Welcome back everybody. This post will be explaining the top 10 best openings in chess history! May god praise these openings!


Number 10. The Ruy Lopez. Perhaps the greatest most complex openings out there. I respect this opening as it was proven that if white plays the lines correctly, he will carry a small advantage. Its also a great opening since it explains develop and castle early and build a attack. This opening was invented sometime in the 1400 by someone who had a name called Ruy lopez.








This is just the image. Now for a game with the Ruy Lopez!




Number 9. Sicilian defense. One of the most highly used complex and annoying defenses you will ever find. Almost every player of all rankings use this. This opening is highly successful for black and to think that this opening was once considered bad! This opening was discovered and analyzed in 1604 extending to the early 1800s. People realized this opening went to bad to dubious to ok to good to great! Even though I hate running into this defense MAY THE THIS DEFENSE LIVE ON IN THE HISTORY OF CHESS!! 










Number 8. The queens gambit! This opening is no doubt one of the most common openings in d4 d5 games. White sacrifices a pawn for rapid development and usually gets his pawn back! This opening has a very old history going back to 1490 (probably even older) and its mentioned in a very old script called Gottingen manuscript. One of the oldest chess scripts of all. 







Black can accept or decline, no matter what, the fight is on!


  Number 7! The Alekhine defence. Obviously it was invented by Alekhine in 1921. A opening which leads to many transpositions.  I highly respect it and when I was first playing on I highly relied on this opening and I was successful with it. 








 Number 6. The modern defence. This defence is related to the Pirc and can lead transpositions. Used by grandmasters from time to time and is a highly respected opening. It can turn into the kings indian defence from time to time.

Number 5. The Kings indian defence! This has got to be one of my favorite repertories against d4 as black. This is one of the most oldest openings in history. The origin seems unknown but not its play! This hyper modern opening shows everything about hyper modern play. Its the best example of the hyper modern play.Interesting style of the bishop and developed knight and castled king. One of the best chess openings in history.









Number 4. Kings indian attack! Also known as KIA, the kings indian attack is one of the most famous chess openings in man kind. Possibly originating from the Kings indian defence, it has been considered also hyper modern like the kings indian defence but with a extra tempo. Most openings with black that are turned into white openings are highly respected because of extra tempo. 








Number 3. The English opening! This is basically a revered Sicilian defence with extra tempo. It can also lead to crazy transpositions. Usually in the English from my experience with it, its nothing different than the Sicilian defence except an extra tempo and more ideas to do with it. Still, a great opening and may this live on. 








Number 2. The Dutch defence!! This has to be one of the most aggressive responses towards d4. This can turn into crazy tactical wild complicated and difficult positions. It looks ugly since black is exposing his weakness on the diagonal. But usually its not that bad and when you castle, you have a good rook on the F file.  








And finally number 1!! The great king of all openings, The STONEWALL ATTACK!!! BUM BUM BUM BUM  BUM!!!

This is my favorite opening of all time. In fact without this opening, I probably wouldnt have gotten to 2000s with this. I have studied this opening for almost a year now with people and the greatest chess software out there. It is a great opening and sadly isnt as wide spread like it once was. No repertoires have been discovered so far to I guess you can say consider this opening bad when in fact world champions have played it before and some still do.

I love this closed in stone like built system and I just wish it was analyzed and widespread more often. I have rarely lost playing this system. This system can get so locked and closed, that even the mightiest chess computers have a hard time playing against it. My grampa CRUSHED fritz with it and drew rybka playing the stonewall a few times. The strongest grandmasters even agree that the stonewall attack is a formidable opening. A have personally talked to some and even some grandmasters that dont like it agreed that playing against the stonewall is hard no matter who it is. If the person can play it correctly, its gonna be a hard game.

This opening is truly the king of the chess openings. Its like a lion in chess. King of the beasts. King of the openings.












Here are my words on this number 1 opening!

"The Stonewall attack is the king of chess openings. The most perfect system in chess and if played properly by any one, they are bound to win however, this would make chess seem cheap."

Let all of these 10 great openings still be played on forever and ever and ever. These 10 openings created chess. Let the game go on...


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  • 4 weeks ago


    stonewall is great! so is kings gambit.....i play bothTongue Out

  • 4 weeks ago


    Any opening can work, but the most fun (if your aggresive) is "The Queens Gambit" nuf said.

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  • 5 weeks ago


    Evans is bad I am 900 and used to play the Evans Gambit but I stopped everyone knew how to defend it

  • 6 weeks ago


    stone wall is the worst popening

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  • 8 weeks ago


    i'd go for kings indian attack

  • 8 weeks ago


    Ok, I tried my move from 4 posts ago against the computer on this website. I got my butt kicked routinely, lol. I did win once, but the computer sets up one of the aforementioned pawn defenses and then sits back and picks off pieces that have no where to move but into bad positions. In my defense, at least being aggressive in your opening moves slows up the development of the oppositions great wall of China!

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    FYI: trap in evans gambit i used to play it until I found a trap.

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    is stone wall bad iwanna try it

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    the stonewall is not gooooood!!!!!


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    I think queens gambit is best opening in chess!!!really it is suitable for all beginners masters club players and all titled players(specially super grandmasters)


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    I'm a noobie, and 'm basically playing Microsoft Chess against the computer. I developed an opening move based on the strengths and weaknesses of the pieces on the board. I don't see it in the top moves? It seems so obvious. Can someone tell me why that is since it almost always guarantees a win against the computer? Basically, the best piece to take in an opening if you are white is the C7 pawn. If you take it with your knight, you check the black king and then capture the rook on that side. I feel, next to the queen, the rook is the next most dangerous piece. You start by moving your white queen's pawn out 2 spaces, then your queen's knight out to in front of the bishop, then your queens bishop out in front of your other bishop to backup the attack on the weak pawn you are trying to capture. Sometimes the computer tries to stop you by advancing a pawn to take your queens knight when you move it to the final kill position. In that event you just move another pawn up to take the defending pawn out. If your queen's knight makes it to B5 with your Queen's bishop on f4, when you take the black C7 pawn with your knight and check their king, they either move their king and you get their rook, or they take you with their queen and you capture their queen with your protecting bishop. Why isn't this move in the top 10? All the counter moves attempting to stop it prevent the computer from setting up any kind of adequate defense. And once their rook is gone, that whole back alley is defenseless against your queen.Laughing

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    Just play and go with the flow, that's the best opening.

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    same, stonewall is the BEST

    I got all my games in state tournament just using that opening, so ur face people that dont like it...

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    Queens gambit is number 1 not the stonewall

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    Stonewall helped me to reach 1500 from 1200. but once I reached 1600, stonewall just doesn't work anymore. Most of the players rated above 1600 know the stonewall and  its weaknesses.

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    Not me. I did not agree to him. Please read my post

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