what I learned in a lesson today with Attila Turzo

I had a chess lesson with Attila Turzo today. We went over a game that I lost. (I played black). It turns out that I made several mistakes some of which my opponent capitalized on while on others he did not. One particular move I made, Bd3 was particularly bad because the move blocked my d file pawn and thus limited the movement of my white bishop and my queen. One thing Attila taught me was a way to develop my king side bishop and knight in such a way as to minimize attacks on my f7 square by a bishop knight combination. This attack is a real problem if you can't immediately castle. Castling puts your rook on f8 (for black) which allows you to defend f3. Also, he told me that I should never allow a pin to persist. For example, at one point, the white bishop had my f3 pawn pinned against my king. This turned out to be very useful for my opponent later in the game. Attila told me that I should always do something (in this case move my king) and that this is not a wasted move. Also, he told me about using advanced pawns as launching off points for attacks and that my opponent can do the same thing so I should watch out for that. Finally, he told me that exchanging my knight for my opponents bishop is an exchange in my favor in general. Needless to say, I learned a lot in this lesson!

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