What to do when your opponent blunders


  • 4 years ago


    So after the EDF ratings came out, I was relegated to table 5, team 3, with a rating of 110 (even though my estimated rating is well over 130), I think because of a rating of 97 I had 5 years ago!

    My opponent had an absolute nightmare. Apparently he'd had 5 games in a tournament the previous day. I played virtually instantly for every move except D5, giving the impression of absolute concentration.

    The important thing when an opponent is spiralling downwards is not to speed up your play unnecessarily, nor slow it down. Obvious moves where one normally pauses to look ahead should be played instantly instead.

    Thanks to the ECF's obscure ratings system, it should take several years for me to get a stronger rating. For now, I've been relegated from an estimated rating of 130 to a much lower board. Ho hum ...

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