Me Like Blogging

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Oct 17, 2023
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We're just a - relatively small - goofy club of bloggers, those that wanna be a blogger, and those that like reading blogs. happy.png

So far we have:

  •  A relatively active feedback forum for club members to share and request feedback.
  • A power rankings for those that want me to rank their blogging skill and give feedback and an explanation if wanted.
  • A forum for people to advertise and be informed of new blogs.
  • A hurt or heal for clubs I'm in.
  • Oh and we're currently at war with Jetplane Movies btw.
  • A daily match against Global Club.

What's coming:

  • A blogging competition - called "Me Like Top Blogging" when we get enough members.
  • Vote chess matches (this definitely isn't a priority for us though).