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The art of the Middle-Game

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    The Art of the Middle Game -- written by Paul Keres

    I'm about 1310 - 1350 blitz 1400 - Long

    1700 Correspondance,

    I'm looking for a book that will help me be able to acess positions better, come up with a solid plan and folllow through


    The above book I mentioned, IM Silman  recommends ... I was wondering if you guys could give me reviews on this book and if you think it would help me?, thank you any help is appreciated,



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    thank you for your input, with the information you have above of the kind of book i'm looking for, what books would you recommend besids "The Art of the Middle Game" tony?

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    about 20 years ago I read Znosko-Borovsky's middle game book and loved it.  It made a huge improvment in my playing at the time.  I also liked How Not to Play Chess by him, but have read that second, I feel like that one (How Not ...) should be first if one were to read the 2. 


    I need to go back and re-read them, but I'm working through his combinations book now.

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    tonydal wrote:

    My two favorites have long been:

    Pawn Structure Chess--Andrew Soltis

    Modern Chess Strategy--Ludek Pachman


    Recently got the Pachman book... I love it so much I can put up with the descriptive notation.

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    Hi i have this book of keres but not getting move notation like K4 Q3 throughout the book . Please help

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