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Favourite opening

  • #1

    What's your favourite chess opening? Mines is the Italian. What's yours?

  • #2

    Anerssen's 1. a3. grin.png

  • #3

    Ruy lopez

  • #4

    My favourite opening by far is the White side of the Open Philidor: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 exd4 4.Qxd4.  I have something like an 80% win percentage with it ... but once I got above 1700 or so no one plays this with Black.

  • #5

    queens gambit. sicilian Nadjorf.

  • #6

    KID as white, Sicilian Najdorf, Queens gambit, Modern Benoni, Benko gambit, Spanish opening, Nimzo indian, Scotch.

  • #7

    my favorite opening is english opening

  • #8

    Bongcloud attack. Period.

  • #9

    Scandenavian always has a soft spot in my heart for some reason

  • #10

    Reti Gambit


  • #11

    London System

  • #12

    haxo gambit - as black. I'm even named after it.

  • #13

    Queen's gambit

  • #14


  • #15
    Mine is the philidor for Black
  • #16

    Mine changes each game.

  • #17

    How about 1...Na6 and now 2...c6 in case of 2.e4 and 2...c5 in case of 2.c4, with quite possibly 3...f5 at some point. Other than that I'm Spaniard.

  • #18

    King's Gambit!

  • #19

    scotch gambit

  • #20

    i like the London System as white (1 d4 2 Bf4). As black I like the Tarrasch Defense against 1 d4, and 2...Nf6 Scandinavian against 1 e4. Against openings such as 1 b3 and Reti I head for a London System reversed. 

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