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what's the difference between king's indian defense and grunsfeld defense?

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    what the title said ^^^^

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    they both involve blacks fianchetto bishop, is the pawn structure different; sorry i am bad a chess, and a newb

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    That is easy. Grunfeld is based on playing d7-d5 and all the tactics that follow out of that. It also has good engame chances.

    Kings Indian is based on a different pawn structure which is d7-d6 and e7-e5 and the construction of a wall of pawns that with the support of the pieces goes directly after the white king.

    Both are indian and start with Nf6 and g6, but there it stops. Completely different game.

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    In my meager understanding of this game I believe the Kings Indian aims for a closed center with the bulk of the play coming on the wings....think pawn storms and the like. The Grunfeld has more in common with Alekhines Defense than the Kings Indian because the basic ideas ate the same....let white build a center and then attack it. I don't know much about this game so take what I say with a grain of salt. Perhaps a high rated player can provide you with an answer....

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    The Grunfeld is defined by 3 ...d5.  In the King's Indian, Black plays ...d6 instead.  The Grunfeld tends to break open the center and lead to early piece play, while the KID usually keeps the center closed and the action is concentrated on the opposing flanks.

    It may interest you to note that the Grunfeld was the first played at the master level, but was at that time called the King's Indian, it wasn't until later that ...d6 came into practice as a viable alternative.

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    This question is about as relevant as the question where the difference is between a banana and a bike since both start with a b (I wanted to say apple here but apple and banana are probaly closer than grunfeld and king indian)

    If you do not understand the difference you should not play either. Just like you should not cycle when you might confuse a bike for a banana

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    The d-pawn is the difference.  You play ...d6 in the King's Indian, ...d5 in the Grunfeld.

    And a Banana and Bike are too similar.  The only difference is you slip ON a banana, you slip OFF a bike!

    The best comparison between a Grunfeld and a King's Indian is the Grunfeld is like having pancreatic cancer while the King's Indian is like being run over by an 18-wheeler!

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    @ moonie, funny many others managed to explain it to me without be a chess dooche. i get it i get it, you're good at a board game, fell good little man???

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    Im pretty sure the point of the grunfield is to agrresivley attack whites center with pieces while the kid is about undermining the opponets center with pawns



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    Whoa! Deja-vu! 

    This seems to be a perennially popular topic. You can find a bunch of threads on this topic here.

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    Well sure everybody tried to answer and now you know that the kingsindian is d6 and the grunfeld is d5 something you could have find out by clicking 1 move more on the game explorer. Unless you understand pawn chain strategy and center strategy the difference between the kings indian and the grunfeld indian is nothing more than words.

    You can say but yes now i know in kingsindian you attack the king ... true but the basis of the kingside attack is in the pawn chain strategy. Also there are briliant grunfeld indian kingsides attacks (Bryne -Fisher comes to mind) so that is not a difference at all. Actually the kingsindian is more like the advance french than it is like the grunfeld even though in the advance french black rarely attacks the white king (it is the other way around)

    So before you want to understand the difference between kingsindian and grunfeld indian you have to understand pawn chain strategy and center strategy. If you would take the time to read My System by Nimzoitisch you would understand the difference between these openings directly.

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    But the OP plays mainly bullet and blitz, he can't sit still long enough to search it on his own!

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    thanks for the information.


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